S t u n t  W o r k  A n d  A e r i a l  R i g g i n g  S e r v i c e s

Our Experienced Team Of  Certified Professionals provides Tactical Rappel, Bungee Rigging, Aerial Rigging and Fight Coordination for small to medium budget film, theater and advertising projects.

Working with AD, you'll find a quality of pleasant professionalism in a crew eager to perform to the highest standards
while remaining budget conscious with safety as priority one.  Contact AD to discuss your project with one of our coordinators.

A e r i a l  R i g g i n g

Certified Rope Techs & Instructors  .  Pro Stage Riggers  .  State Certified Bungee Jump Masters  .  Location Actor Training Available
Tactical Rappelling                   Straight Jacket Escape             Balloon Float                                 Tarzan On Broadway
Tactical Rappelling              Aerial Stunt Gags               Aerial Fly Rigging               Tarzan On Broadway

Stadium Roof Jump                   NFL Cheeleaders Jump           Choreographic Rigging
            Bungee Rigging
Wembley Stadium Jump              NFL Cheerleaders Stadium Jump               Aerial Silk And Hoop Rigging              Bungee Rigging

De la Guarda Cage Drop         SpecFX Head Lift                         Crucifixion Rigging                   TV Ad Building Jump
De la Guarda Villa Villa Live Cage Drop              SpecFX Head Lift               Crucifixion Rigging             Jupiler beer TV Ad Building Jump

F i g h t  C o o r d i n a t i o n

Martial Arts  .  Boxing  .  Firearms & Alternative Weapons Coordination  .  Squib Work  .  Actor Training
 Squib Shots                                Stair Falls                                    Fight Choreography                 Martial Arts Choreography
 Fight Coordination Squibs             Fight Coordination Stair Fall             Figt Coordination Kick And Shoot             Martial Arts Fight Choreography