GEAR Bungee Cords

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GEAR  Bungee Jumping Cords  are custom fabricated to your specifications. Please fill in the form below for a price quote.
Note that this type of bungee is designed for bungee jumping only.

For applications such as sling shots, mechanical or industrial, see Mil Spec . Industrial Shock Cord.

For gym workout and aerial choreography see GEAR Aerial Performance Bungees.

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Jump structure (Crane, bridge, balloon, etc.)

Base surface

Total distance from your bungee anchor point to base surface.
 Must be precise. Please specify feet or meters.
Minumim distance 65 ft (20 m).
Maximum distance 300 ft (91 m).

If your jump is over water, would you like jumpers to touch the water?
Water must be a minimum depth of  15 ft (4.6 m).
If jump is over earth, leave blank.

If your jump is over water, and you do not want jumpers to touch the
water, what distance above the water would you like the jumpers to stop?
If your jump is over earth, leave blank.

Select jumper weight range(s).
Bungees are designed for jumpers  in 50 lb (22 kg) increments.
You will need a separate bungee for each 50 lb (22 kg)
weight  increase. You can choose any weight range you prefer.
The maximum weight rangeis 200-250 lbs (90-115 kg).
Please specifiy lbs or kg.

Would you like a protective cover on the bungee?
Must include cover for full bungee warranty.

For a shipping quote, please enter your address including city and zip code.
If address is not registered as business, residential rates will apply.
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