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GEAR  Cirque Arial Bungees are custom made to your specifications. Please fill in the form below for a price quote.

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GEAR Cirque Bungees are designed for weight ranges in 25 lb (11.5 kg) increments.
Example: One bungee for 100-125 (45-57 kg), a separate bungee for 125-150 lb (57-68 kg) and so on.
You can choose any specific weight. For multiple users, enter weight of lightest and heaviest user.
Please indicate lbs or kg.

Harness pick point(s):   A separate quote form is required for each pick point selection.
Two bungees are required for hips or shoulder picks. One bungee is required for single belt  or dorsal pick.
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Front Or Rear Belt

Relaxed length:
This is the unstretched  length of the bungee including end loops
from your anchor point to your harness. Consider a relaxed length which will allow a convenient harness rig-in point.
Indicate feet (inches) or meters (cm).

Maximum length:
This is the maximum length allowable including end loops when bungee is fully extended.
Bungee will not exceed this length due to the built-in static safety line. Please indicate feet (inches) or meters (cm).

Would you like a protective cover on the bungee(s)? Covers are removable and reusable.

Enter  a brief description of your application such as bungee workout, trapeze fall protection, aerial acrobatics,
Spec FX  gag, stunt gag, choreography, etc. and the motions or movements you'd like to achieve.

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If address is not registered as business, residential rates will apply.
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