J e r k  C o r s e t  M e a s u r e m e n t  F o r m

The Jerk Corset is slightly adjustable however, for proper function they are custom sewn to conform to the body of a particular user. If you have multiple users with different body measurements, you will need a separate corset for each user.

For accuracy, have another person take measurements with a cloth tape. Tape should be snug but not tight. Do not use clothing measurements.

Use a separate form for each corset.

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Chest: Men measure upper torso  around the
body with arms at side. Women measure
around the body at bustline with arms raised.


Chest To Navel: Men

Under Bust: Women measure around the body
directly under bust.


Under Bust To Navel: Women

Waist: Measure around the body above the
navel at the largest point. May be close to

or the same as Mid Torso measurement.

Mid Torso: Measure  above navel at the
largest point around the body. May be close to
or the same as Waist measurement.


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