AD  Bungee  Safety  And  Operations  Training  Program

Bungee Jump Site safety And Operations TrainingThe AD Bungee Safety And Operations Training Program provides your jump crew with the technical and practical knowledge necessary for safe, efficient bungee jump site operations.

The program utilizes methods prescribed by The Pennsylvania State Government Bungee Jumping Regulations and the New Zealand Bureau Of Bungee Jumping Standards. All safety procedures implemented in training comply with the U.S. Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Pennsylvania State Bungee Jumping Regulations.

Upon completion of the practical instruction and written examination, students are awarded certification for Jump Master, Assistant Jump Master or Jump Crew Technician. AD certification provides valuable documentation to insurance providers and local regulatory agencies demonstrating that your crew has been professionally trained and able to provide a safe, efficient environment for your crew and customers.
T r a i n i n g  P r o g r a m  O u t l i n e
  • The history, mechanics and physics of bungee jumping
  • Technical information on all equipment utilized in the AD bungee jumping system
  • Rigging, proper use and maintenance of all equipment
  • Crane or jump structure inspection and safety procedures
  • Individual crew duties and responsibilities
  • Operational efficiency and safety procedures
  • Staging and harnessing procedure
  • Proper jump procedure
  • Jumper retrieval procedure
  • Rappelling
  • Emergency mid-air rescue operation
  • Customer public relations
  • Keeping records and logs
O n - S i t e  T r a i n i n g
Due to current COVID 19 issues, on-site trianing is suspended until further notice.
  • On-Site Training is administered at client's jump site by our state certified instructors.
  • Technical and practical instruction over four days.
  • Jump structure must be operational and safety certified by local authority.
  • Equipment purchased from AD must be delivered and available on-site. For safety concerns, only equipment purchased from AD can be utilized for training purposes.
  • Program cost is $3,500.00 USD for up to six students. $500.00 USD for each additional student.
  • Client incurs additional cost of air travel and five night hotel accommodations for two AD instructors.
A D  F a c i l i t y  T r a i n i n g
  • Administered at the AD facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA by our state certified instructors.
  • All instructors are fully vaccinated for COVID 19.
  • Technical and practical instruction over four days.
  • Practical instruction is implemented from a mobile crane.
  • Equipment purchase is not necessary.
  • Training is available May through September.
  • Client is responsible for their own travel and hotel accommodations.
  • AD provides local transportation.
  • Program cost is $4,200.00 USD for up to six students. $500.00 USD for each additional student.
Contact AD and one of our Jump Site Coordinators will be happy to assist you in getting started.