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GEAR Bungee Jumping Cords are custom made to order to individual jump site specifications. Fill out the form below and we'll be happy to send you a price quote.
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If your base surface is water, will you have jumpers
touch the water? Water must be a minimum depth
of 10 ft (3 m). If base surface is earth, leave blank.

If your base surface is water and you do not want
jumpers to touch the water
, what distance above
the water do you prefer jumpers to stop?
Specify feet or meters.
If base surface is earth, leave blank.

Distance from bungee anchor point to surface.
Specify feet or meters*
Minimum jump distance is 65 ft ( 20 m)
Maximum jump distance is 200 ft (61 m)

Select the preferred jumper weight ranges.
A separate bungee is required for each weight range.
100-150 lbs (45-70 kg)
150-200 lbs (70-90 kg)
200-250 lbs (90-115 kg)

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