Our fabrication shop will be closed until August 15th.
All made-to-order items in the GEAR product line such as bungee cords, shock cords, anchor straps,
sewn slings and all custom sewn products will not be fabricated until after August 15th.
GEAR Harnesses and all other manufacturers' products will continue to be available on order.


J     U     L     Y          S     P     O     T     L     I     G     H     T     S

B  u  n  g  e  e    C  o  r  d  s
GEAR Cirque Fitness Workout Bungees GEARv Acrobatic Dance Bungees GEAR Mil Spec Bungee Shock Cord Resistance Training Bungees

C  l  i  m  b  i  n  g    E  q  u  i  p  m  e  n  t
Rock Climbing Harnesses Rock Climbing Helmets . Head Lamps . Rappelling Gloves Climbing Rope Carabiners

S  t  a  g  e    R  i  g  g  i  n  g
GEAR Stage Harnesses GEAR Stage Body Flying Harness Stage Rigger Harnesses And Rigging Hardware Stage Performer Fly Rigging

S  t  u  n  t    E  q  u  i  p  m  e  n  t
High Fall Stunt Air Bags GEAR Stunt Flying Harnesses Fire Stunt Equipment Air Ram

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