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Aerial Performance Rigging ServicesAerial Performance Rigging Services
Whether it's designing spectacular Fly Wire Ninja Fighting Effects for your latest film project, floating Mary Poppins above the stage, aerial choreography or you have a great aerial SPECFX idea for your next TV ad,  our Aerial Effect Design Team is ready to take on your project. Working with Adrenalin Dreams, you'll find a quality of pleasant professionalism in a crew eager to perform to the highest standards while remaining budget conscious with Safety as priority one.

Professional Stunt EquipmentProfessional Stunt Equipment
Adrenalin Dreams is a leading supplier of Pro Stunt Gear to the Hollywood film industry as well as worldwide. Our brand of GEAR  Jerk Vests and Flying Harnesses are meticulously designed to be the most well made, functional and comfortable harnesses on the market while maintaining budget-conscious pricing. Air Rams, Ratchets, High Fall Air Bags, Fire Gag clothing and gel - we have those too.

Aerial Stage Rigging EquipmentAerial Stage Performance Equipment
Adrenalin Dreams carries an extensive line of hardware, bungees, harnesses, strapping, cable and hoisting rigs for aerial performance rigging. Whether stage, film or advertising, we have the gear to get you off the ground - literally.


Bungee Jump Site Safety And Operations TrainingBungee Jump Site Safety And Operations Training
Thinking of opening up your own Bungee Jumping Site? Adrenalin Dreams has over twenty years of bungee jumping experience. Our State Government Certified instructors can provide you and your crew the skill, knowledge and equipment necessary to operate eficiently, profitably and most importantly, Safely. Get started on your way to operating one of the most exciting extreme sports venues in the world.

Bungee Fitness Workout EquipmentGEAR Bungee Fitness Workout Equipment
Staying physically fit is essential to maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. Adrenalin Dreams offers all the equipment needed to set up and maintain your bungee fitness and aerial yoga studio. Clients worldwide depend on our patented GEAR Bungee Fitness Workout Equipment to provide the most contemporary, cutting edge bungee workout gear available. Instructor training and certification is also available. Namaste.

Climbing Equipment . Rope Access EquipmentClimbing Rope . Harnesses . Carabiners . Pulleys . Swivels . Rope Access . Industrial Shock Cord
Adrenalin Dreams carries a wide selection of equipment and hardware for rock climbing, work-at-height, rope access, rescue and industry. Brands include Petzl, Rock-N-Rescue, PMI, Rock Exotica, SMC, CMI, Sterling, Camp and our own GEAR brand. Tap the quick links or browse our Equipment Catalog menu above for our complete selection of gear.